Thursday, July 9, 2015

I wish you're here

The fear of losing someone you love.

13th June 2015 was my saddest day in my entire life, for now. She is no longer here, with me. Though the promises we made to each other are no longer available, but her wise words shall remain. I missed my opportunity to say goodbye. I had it, but I missed it. The moment when I received the call from my dad, it was unforgettable and unforgivable. 

Now, she is gone. I am happy for her as she finally out of pains & suffers. I know the pains and suffers are unbearable. But, you were strong. Thank you for holding on until the last minute of it.


I was taught I need to keep a positive mind, as every day is a new day & great things are ahead. But sometimes, all the coincidences happened around me make me realized that things are meant to be. If it is meant to be happening, it really does. I can't change the fact that people do change, especially they lost their interest.

You don't born to please people.

But at least, give explanations & makes things clear. Idiotic mind and negative thoughts running all around, especially during nights.

Summary of my life.

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Do you know I cry myself to sleep almost every night? 
Because of You.
Babo ni ga?

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